The 6 Worst Diet Trends You Should Definitely Ignore

Are you thinking of dieting again? So avoid many of those trends that promise instant results with new methods. If it sounds too easy, it is most likely the wrong way to lose weight. Most quick fix diets are harmful and lead to health problems in the short, medium and long term. In addition, you are more likely to end up regaining the weight you lost. Avoid making this common mistake!

Here are six dangerous diets that you should not trust:

1. negative calories

It turns out that celery, lettuce, leafy greens, and other low-calorie fruits and vegetables are called “negative calorie” foods, and some have spread the fallacy that they will help you lose weight just by eating them. In fact, the body burns calories if you only eat these foods, but the body also burns calories while you sleep, and all those calories lost can reflect on your energy and health. Eat vegetables and fruits because they are healthy for you, not because they are “negative calorie” foods. If you choose dishes that are high in fiber, nutrients, and low in sugar (which also have the added advantage of being whole grain), these qualities will be excellent for your health and weight loss at the same time.

2. intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting has become an almost spiritual trend. It has been said that its exercise is good for our minds and even the key to preventing disease and aging. It includes not eating for days, or a period of hours each day, such as fasting until noon every day. First of all, it is questionable to eat when you are not hungry (or vice versa). This diet can cause low blood sugar, metabolic problems, depression, mood swings … and it can be dangerous to work or drive without eating.

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