Make clothes that show stress levels


Polish designer Iga Weglinska believes in smart fashion that gives the wearer a sense of distinction. Her works have been shown in various museums and galleries in Europe, Asia and the USA. Iga Weglinska has recently developed clothes with sensory indicators that depict the wearer’s level of stress. It looks unusual, doesn’t it?

The new collection of Weglinskaya Emotional clothing presents clothing that reacts to psychological and physiological changes in the human body. It is a kind of tool that can be worn as a turtleneck and a long-sleeved voluminous shirt. Sensors embedded in the clothing take readings: they measure body temperature and heart rate and record galvanic skin reactions. Then, with the help of lamps, the image is visualized.

The turtleneck reacts to temperature and heart rate. With an increase in these indicators, that is, in those moments when a person is under stress, his color changes from black to transparent and vice versa. The LEDs built into the sides flash into the wearer’s heart. If the amplitude of the heart contractions increases, you need to calm down and slow down your breathing.


The oversized top is decorated with a string of pink LED lights above the chest. It also displays your stress level by interacting with sweat sensors. Depending on the mood of the wearer, the color of the top changes from warm to cool.

The Sentimental Clothing project was Weglinskaya’s doctoral thesis at the Academy of Arts in Krakow. The designer hopes that with the help of her clothes, people who suffer from stress and anxiety on a daily basis will learn to control themselves and practice mindfulness.

It is still unknown whether we should expect an offer of T-shirts and turtlenecks on sale, and whether Iga Veglinskaya will continue to develop her innovative clothing line.

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