When we were children, each of us dreamed of our own little robot. Thank you, dear Transformers. Who would have thought that in about 20 years we would be able to buy such a great game? Whether it’s a chpt robot, a cute friend, or a programmable educational toy, they are all available in stores right now and you should definitely get one!

Sony Ibo
Don’t want to mess with a live dog? This miracle definitely does not need to be taken for a walk!

for the purpose of
This cute robot can replace any pet in the house. Jibo is able to imitate almost the entire range of emotions available to people, choosing all kinds of combinations of sound and emotional effects.

Perhaps the most advanced robot in the world. He can even replace the nanny for your child.

This kid can even teach your kid the basics of programming. Or maybe you want to.

Anky Cosmo
Perhaps one of the best bots on our list. See how he can make faces!

You know someone who is afraid to the death of spiders. Give him an unforgettable surprise.

big i
The appearance of this child is a little awkward: for some reason, he looks like a trash can. But do we choose friends by their looks?

LEGO MindStorms EV3 لعبة
With the help of a good old LEGO builder, you can create your own controlled robots.

And this super cute robot might hook you up on pizza.

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