8 Reasons Why Elon Musk is a Modern Genius

The projects undertaken by Elon Musk became successful, albeit often accompanied by scandals, financial debts and new memoirs. While society doubts his inventions, he launches rockets into space.

1.The first electronic payment system

Today, any product or service can be paid for online. And 20 years ago, customers only dreamed of such a service. Musk dreams with the rest. The first eCash online payment system existed before online bank was created by a modern genius. But it was far from perfect and went bankrupt. Depositors and buyers cannot trust their money in the Internet space. In 1999, Elon launched the X.com payment system. His style of work and professional team could do the impossible. People believe in online payments. But the impudent businessman during his work managed to win over the bad guys among the programmers who underestimated the quality of the system. After merging with a startup called Confinity, PayPal has become one of the largest global payment systems.

2. A colony on Mars

Only the last romance, having watched enough films about space travel, can seriously talk about the colonization of another planet. But Musk is serious. For this purpose, the inventor founded the world’s first private spacecraft company SpaceX. For regular flights to Mars, reusable launch vehicles are needed. For 14 years of work on the Falcon, the launch ended with the return of the carrier to Earth. It ended with the successful launch of the Falcon Super Heavy, on which Musk plans to send a spacecraft to the Red Planet. The Dragon cargo shuttle makes periodic flights to the International Space Station. Elon is developing the cheapest ship launch so that the dream can become a reality.

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3. There is no traffic in the city!

Traffic congestion is one of the biggest problems in big cities. Since Musk is stuck in a regular traffic jam, he thought about creating roads in 3D format. He decided not to think about the movement of cars by air, but the idea of ​​creating underground tunnels to empty traffic seemed to him a real one. A new company, The Boring Company, has designed the first underground road tunnel and has received a building permit from city authorities. In 2018, the first experimental tunnel was opened near Los Angeles. And in May this year, the company completed the construction of an underground LVCC Loop system for transporting people. Making high-speed transportation accessible to all is another goal of the inventor. The company plans to create a large network of underground roads that will make travel as convenient and fast as possible.

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4. cars of the future

In 2003, the idea of ​​an all-electric car sounded like a bold and unrealistic idea. But Elon Musk believed in this and enthusiastically dived into work on the car of the future. He became an investor in the Martin Eberhard and Mark Tarpenning venture. In 2007, the genius took over the leadership of the company, realizing ideal plans. Despite the fact that the company is accused of model flaws, Tesla continues to improve electric vehicles, release new models, and make eco-transportation available to a large number of people. Elon calls the new Cybertruck “the official pickup truck for Mars.” The heavy-duty steel structure, armored windows and rooftop solar panels make this vehicle durable and independent. The car is expected to be on sale by 2022.

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5. Solar energy

SolarCity has become a subsidiary of Tesla. It was created by Peter and Lyndon Rive, Musk’s cousins. Thanks to a brilliant relative, the engineers were able to turn the company into one of the largest manufacturers of solar panels in California. Tesla Solar Roof solar panels are installed on homes rather than the roof, they are protected from damage and allow you to save the planet’s resources by producing clean energy. Their cost is 80% cheaper than tablet batteries. The company is also working on establishing gas stations for electric cars. It is safe to say that the future belongs to clean energy.

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6. Hyperloop train

Elon Musk not only generates ideas, but gives free access to his developments. Musk presented the Hyperloop project in 2013. Single capsules must move along the pipeline above the ground at speeds up to 1,100 km / h. The speed of such a train should be twice the speed of the plane. 58 pages of his writing are freely available to all enthusiasts to try their hand at it. In 2015, Musk returned to his project again. As it turned out, he’s not ready to give up on its implementation altogether. Work is underway to construct experimental pipelines in China, Dubai and the United States.

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7. Artificial intelligence

The developer of many unique and new projects knows that artificial intelligence can pose a danger to humanity. But he encourages him not to be afraid, but to study and control. For this purpose, OpenAI was created, which conducts tests on artificial intelligence, develops and improves programs. In 2019, the GPT2 model was introduced – an artificial intelligence system that creates texts on any topic, does not allow for misspellings, and creates unique texts based on 40 GB of different texts from the network. So the truth of the films about the future is not far away. In February 2019, Musk left OpenAI’s board of directors.

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8. Read minds online

People have always dreamed of being able to read minds. The company Neuralink, founded by Musk, is developing chips that can transfer people’s ideas to electronic media. New technologies will allow paralyzed people to communicate almost completely. These chips should also allow the treatment of patients with problems in the cerebral cortex. It can treat epileptic seizures, restore memory, and disrupt signals that come from the brain to the extremities in the future.

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