Tricks to avoid overeating during the holidays

The dishes, sandwiches and desserts served during the Christmas holidays are delicious. It is very easy to devour everything in front of us. But even if you’re not on a diet, overeating can be harmful. Indigestion, upset stomach, or high cholesterol can be unpleasant consequences of food abuse. Here we give you some tricks to avoid these excesses during the festivities.

1.- Avoid coming very hungry

Most of the season’s parties are at night. Not eating properly all day and going to dinner with an insatiable appetite is not a good idea. If you are feeling very hungry, you will want to take everything on offer and more. The ideal is to eat in a balanced way during breakfast, lunch and snacks. And even eat a healthy snack (fiber and protein) before you go out. Avoid missing meals.

2.- Don’t miss the water

In addition to being healthy, drinking water is a way to avoid overeating. Sometimes we tend to confuse hunger with thirst and have a snack instead of a glass of water. Drinking it regularly during a match will help you eat less and even prevent it from going to your head if you’ve been drinking.

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