How to start cooking for those who don’t know how

Not everyone has the skills or talent to become a chef, but there are some basic tips that can come in handy when starting out in the kitchen. Good dishes can be cooked without giving up with a little patience, practice and enthusiasm. Here we give you some recommendations to start cooking from scratch.

1. utensils by hand

Before preparing any recipe, we must familiarize ourselves with the basic kitchen tools and have them on hand. The primary battery should consist of a set of frying pans, about two saucepans or a saucepan (one large deep pot and one flat), a saucepan with a lid and, if possible, a pressure cooker. Similarly, for kitchen utensils, it is recommended to purchase a set of knives, a grater, a mortar, a colander, a mixer, a cutting board, a weight, baking dishes and wooden utensils (ladle, fork, ladle).

2. Basic Ingredients

When shopping to start cooking, a basic pantry setup will be necessary. Buy salt, pepper, sugar, oil, vinegar, flour, pasta and rice. You will also need basic fresh produce such as onions, garlic, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, eggs, and meat. It is worth eating legumes and spices to prepare various dishes.

3. Let order prevail

Organizing in front of the stove is a must for both experts and novices. Keep all ingredients and utensils close at hand before you start following any recipe. Respect all steps of preparations. Everything has a reason and the success of the end result is guaranteed.

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